Further Background

Each of you will be sent a file with information specific to your races. This file will be updated occasionally so check back if I tell you to.

As a general rule, monsters are fairly uncommon in the seven kingdoms, living mostly in the mountains to the west and north. The stout people of Norskrr are accustomed to encounters with the unknown creatures, though tales of these beasts are mostly discounted by the humans of the rest of the world. The elves know more of the beasts, living as close to the mountains as they do, as do the dwarves and gnomes. Some people may or may not know why they are so uncommon.

Piracy is rampant in the north, and the coastal kingdoms have a mutual defense treaty against them, however it is only mildly helpful.

Halflings exist in the world as well, in Dorellyon, Urdros, and Sylanias. It should be noted however, that the environment of Sylanias has produced a somewhat more sturdy peoples, but the nature of the kingdom makes education difficult, rendering any who come from the country less educated but. (+1 Con, -1 Int).

The people of Urdros also recieve a change in scores, reflecting their national identity as horsemen and the difficulty in educating a society of nomads. (+1 Dex, -1 Int).

The Norskrr are known for their strength, and while intelligent they sometimes make very rash choices. (+1Str, -1 Wis)

The remaining 4 kingdoms are rather normal environments, and as such the people there do not recieve score adjustments.

Further Background

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