Character Creation Rules

Hello Gentlemen,

You’ve been invited to join in an adventure the like of which no one has seen in years (probably around 15 or so, whenever 3.0 came out). While you’ve all played tabletop before, and indeed may have played 2nd edition before, I still recommend building your character by working your way through the handbook in the order that the chapters are set up. Reading the entire book should take you maybe one evening at work, maybe two, but it will increase your understanding of the game, and building your character while doing so can help you to understand the game better. If you and the other players come up with a way that you would already have met, or have shared backstories, that’s fine, it just means you don’t have to meet at an inn. ;D Also note, that these instructions will be in the same order as the book chapters.

First, let’s talk about rolling abilities. The Player’s Handbook has a lot of different methods for this, and I don’t really like them all that much. I was going to have you roll 4d6 and drop the lowest for each ability, but that makes super characters and I want this to be a little challenging; as such, were going to try something a little different. I want you to roll 4d6 and drop the lowest score three times; for the remaining three rolls, I want you to roll 3d6 and reroll ones and twos. Hopefully this helps us avoid OP characters and encourages you to think of solutions to problems other than plain old open combat. You can allocate those scores however you want, so you should have a chance to play the class you want to. If you roll a super shitty score and want to keep it for flavor, I wholeheartedly encourage this wink wink.

Second is Races. No aquatic elves, and no drow. Regarding alignment, no Chaotic or True Evil. If you didn’t roll the class requirements or ability scores you wanted, consider aging the character; you get ability score changes which you can find towards the back of the chapter. Also, gnomes are cool.

Next is Classes. Peruse the classes before making your character so that you have a general idea what you want to make. If you see a class and it’s generally what you want to make, but you’d like it to be a little more specific, check and see if the compendium has a book. Each class book has a lot of info as well as kits that can modify the normal class rules and make it more unique. If you plan on doing that, let me know what you’re making so I can review the books. Dual classing and multiclassing are ok, just remember you won’t be advancing as quickly as everyone else if you do.

Next should have been alignment but I already mentioned that so we’ll hit Proficiencies instead. Lot’s here, but there’s a chart saying your starting number of non-weapon proficiencies. Add to that number the total number of languages you can learn, as those are also counted as bonus slots. There’s a chart with which profs. are available to which classes, and be aware that to learn a prof that’s not in your class list or in general, you have to spend an extra prof. To be really good at something you can choose to spend an extra prof on it as well. For weapon profs. remember that fighters can specialize in a weapon, but ONLY fighters. If you aren’t sure about a proficiencies details, there are descriptions of them in that chapter as well.

The next thing is money and equipment. Use the chart for starting money based on class. Also assume that you are going on a trip where supplies will be scarce.

The last one is magic. If you find spells in the other books and intend to use them, let me know which ones they are and where you found them, or else have a detailed description readily available if I ask about it,

THIS IS IMPORTANT>>> Be aware that there is an appendix with all of the PHB charts compiled together. Use it, it’s helpful. I’ll be sending along a backstory with this so you can check it out. THAC0 and Saving throws are in COMBAT chapter, and AC is gear specific to be adjusted by dex scores, so read about what the abilities do. You can use the char sheet in the compendium. It’s pretty thorough.

Character Creation Rules

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