The Seven Kingdoms of Anzalor

Catching Up

Last we saw our heroes, they had left the shaved hare. The party’s only mage had been crippled whilst defending a family from a goblin assault, and they were now on a journey to have him healed by a renowned priest some days to the north in the company of a young Caelyn lord and his gruff guardian. Upon arriving at this priest’s temple, they saw that it had been ransacked. The priest, still unharmed himself, offered to restore their friend to health if they recovered the stolen alms box and the acolytes who had been abducted. As they rushed to save the acolytes, the overeager thieves of the party made a terrible blunder, alerting the bandits to their presence. In the ensuing confusion, the party defeated the bandits and saved the acolytes; unfortunately, the young lord was slain fighting at his guardian’s side.

After restoring the acolytes to the temple and getting their mage healed, the party began traveling further north, to a small fishing town in order to seek passage across the inland sea, also known as the Dragon. Upon arriving at the town, it didn’t take long for the party to be entangled in the local trouble. The town’s leaders had been replaced by a group of dopplegangers. The intrepid heroes were able to free the town with little trouble, after which they used the spoils of their journey’s thus far to purchase a barge with which to travel across the Dragon.

After successfully crossing the Dragon, they unfortunately floundered on the river known as the Dragon’s Neck. After recovering their horses, the party traveled further north, to the Mouth of the Dragon, where they found a glade with a secret entrance to the tomb of Dorellyon Athad. Unfortunately, when the party made to explore the tomb, they chanced upon a Banshee, one of two known as the Screaming Sisters. No fewer than three party members fell to the Banshee’s wail, and the rest of the party made a hasty retreat. in the midst of their escape, the elven bladesinger in the party noticed the presence of a hidden passage that they had not noticed before that point. This passage led them directly to the throne of Athad himself, where the party found the target of their quest. After further research into the item, they discovered that it had the power to heal wounds, and when applied to their dead friends, it had the power to revive them.
Unfortunately, the sword could only be charged by a priestly ritual that took a night of pure praying by the parties priest of Bahamut. For two nights the group conducted this ritual, ad each night they were beset by the soldiers of the Crimson Pennant, a group of skilled mercenaries from South Caelyn, hired by they dwarven king to harry the group and obtain the sword of Athad. After an impressive battle, the mercenaries lay dead, and so too was the gruff old soldier from North Caelyn. How fortunate, then, that the party had found the use of a life-giving sword.
Soon after, the party made their way back to their barge in order to repair it and return to civilization. The sword it seemed had lost all but a sliver of it’s power, and the party made their preparations to depart.


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