The Seven Kingdoms of Anzalor

An Interrogation of the Proprietor of the Shaved Hare

As taken from the transcript of our interrogation of one Lorren Chagne, proprietor of The Shaved Hare
Guard: So you woke why exactly?
L.C.: I heard a noise from downstairs. Since I had locked up already, I was worried.
__Guard: And you decided to investigate?_
L.C.: Of course! Do you not investigate strange noises in our own home?
Guard: And what did you see?
L.C.: I’ll tell you what I saw; a huge brute and his bully boys tearing my place apart and setting my things ablaze!!!! I let out a shout when he saw me_
Guard: And?
L.C.: And then he smacked me upside the head. I went down like a bag of rocks, and when I woke, I was outside my burning home surrounded by my half dressed patrons.
Guard: I see. Well, you’ve been singularly unhelpful.
__L.C.: My pleasure…

It was later determined that the actions of the patrons had resulted in the rescue of the proprietor and the saving of his inn. However the murder of the already surrendered perpetrator by one of the inn’s guests prompted the Provost to ask the guests to leave as soon as was possible. They were last observed heading north to the temple of Corellon Larethian to heal their companion.


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