The Seven Kingdoms of Anzalor

A Letter of Introduction

By Farmer Crantz

Hail Friends,
I write this with naught but gratitude in my heart. As I finished work yesterday evening, a party of adventurers happened to pass by my home. As is my custom, I offered them lodgings. They refused, but accepted my offer of allowing them to camp on my land. It seems that this was a fortuitous decision, as only a few hours later i would be thanking that party for the lives of my family. During the night, my farm was beset by fiends from the mountains, goblins no less. This brave group of adventurers not only drove them off and saved my family, but also chased them down and saved a local boy and girl that had been abducted from their homes. Unfortunately, one of their number was grievously wounded while trying to come to our aid.
I bid you welcome them and offer them your hospitality. Please direct them to the Inn of The Shaved Hare, and know that you welcome into your fine city true heros.
With all honor due to you,


MerridockNightsend MerridockNightsend

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